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Alexa Swinton

Alexa Swinton was born and lives in the New York area.  She is 8 years old.  She has been performing in films, TV and theatre since age 1!  She has been lucky to be in over a dozen plays, films & TV shows and numerous ads beyond that.  And she loves to sing, dance, ride her bike, skateboard, do math, write songs, stories, and plays.  

Alexa is also a talented writer and comedienne - co-creating great content with her family. 

Alexa's latest national commercial for Cox Communications presents Alexa as the girl of the future, sharing music, art, science, and friendship with her family.

An inspiring vision of girl-power and the impact of technology!  And much as she represented in IBM's Watson campaign.

Alexa Swinton - IBM Watson Campaign
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